Open Letter from Brian Morris validating Kadrolsha’s Historic Comic Book Status


BY Brian K. Morris

The world has seen many heroines in comics, in real life, and on the screens both small and large. But Kadrolsha Ona (Carole) is the very first, real-life superheroine to have her own comic book. It became apparent to me, after I wrote Kadrolsha into her first comic book “The Haunting Tales of Bachelor’s Grove” The scripts were written starting in April, 2016 and her first appearance in the printed book was in June, 2016. Kadrolsha Ona was the first person in comic book history to be a superhero doing what she does in real life, between the pages of a comic book.

As for my own background, I’ve read comic books since the Eisenhower Administration, learning to read from them and to increase my vocabulary. I spent over 15 years working in comic book shops in East Central Illinois before moving into writing about comics history for various prominent magazines and books. I’ve also given lectures on comic book history in numerous libraries and pop culture shows.

Currently, I am an author whose books have sold not only in North America, but also in Great Britain, Japan, and China. I am also a consultant to several Midwestern comic book-based conventions, based on my knowledge of the comic book industry and its history.

Not long after the inception of comic books in 1933, the medium filled its pages with heroic characters designed to appeal to females. From Wonder Woman and Mary Marvel in the Forties to Captain Marvel, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, and Supergirl and even more today. But these were creations originated in the four-color pages of the comics, not flesh and blood beings.

Comics have also spotlighted women from real life, such as Western actress Dale Evans, radio comedienne Judy Canova, and even Mother Teresa. But they weren’t humans with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal humans, no more than the actresses who portrayed superheroines on television like Lindsay Wagoner as The Bionic Woman, Katie Cassidy as The Black Canary on Arrow and Linda Carter as Wonder Woman.

However, Kadrolsha Ona is a healer, an empath, an aura reader, as well as a noted expert in the paranormal. She is a graduate of the North East Police Institution. Is a Reiki Master. “KO, as she is fondly known, has saved children and animals from drowning, as well as kicked down the door of a burning house to rescue a dog. Kadrolsha kicked the gun out of a would-be animal shooter’s hand after being shot at herself. Most recently 3/3/2019 KO stepped in front of a speeding car and saved a child. She also healed a wheelchair-bound man to stand and walk again. A dying kitten returned to life and a brain tumor disappeared after one of her miraculous healings.

“No, not a miracle. A SUPER POWER.”

Aided by the spirits of her grandmothers, Kadrolsha wields paranormal abilities that most humans cannot. She also wears a “uniform,” if you will, to her personal appearances and in the field.