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KO First in Comic Book History to do what she does in real life between the pages of a comic book.

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May 2024 Edition of Original Magazine UK the flip cover

KO made the April edition of Spazio Demo Magazine from Italy. She is on page 13.

For the entire Spazio Demo Magazine:

KO Interviews Will Roberts of the Oscar winning Film Oppenheimer

KO featured in: Ventanas Abiertas Magazine “Women Who Change the World”. March 2024 for International Women’s day.

Article translated: Chaplain & Animal Rescuer
Kadrolsha Ona Carole, also known as as KO, she is an American journalist and actress. Known for its popular magazine and Hollywood Entertainment TV channel
News. She is also an actress and researcher paranormal and pop culture icon. She is also a woman committed to her community who regularly carries out solidarity tasks.
Among its many activities is that of chaplain. Kadrolsha Ona provides his services as a chaplain free of charge to young people Army Veterans Suffering from Addictions to
drugs and alcohol. K O has discovered that Many of the people she counsels are able to enjoy a life free of drugs and alcohol. This journalist provides them with resources and He gets them the help they need. He takes them to hospitals and rehabilitation centers. It even takes action as an interlocutor between the parents and the young person veteran, to create a bridge of conversation among them.
Your Cape Services Chaplain extend as well the homeless. Travel to out-of-the-way places so you can help them. He brings them food, coffee and loving conversations. She shares prayers to heal their hearts and help them move to safe havens. During the holiday periods, Kadrolsha Ona Carole and Your family prepares hot meals for your neighbors most in need Another facet of KO is that of an animal rescuer. He has saved many animals from a certain death. After Caring for Animals abandoned, injured or in difficult situations, finds them homes where they are treated with And make sure the animals savages to be taken to a rehabilitation for their care and release. How is he able to do this? KO Uses the Money You Earn
with their television appearances and through their websites Fundraising website for these services. Every penny is used for Helping the needy and animals. She is dedicated to doing so.
| By Mikaela Soler

Kadrolsha featured in Innovative News for International Women’s Month.

KO featured in La Inspiracion Madrid Spain!

KO host Hollywood Entertaiment News and is one of the top 50 Web shows in the World!

Nov. 2023 KO in A3_Magazine from Holland

Oct. cover of The OriGinal Magazine UK.

KO Got Legs!

Read the wonderful positive messages from the six lovely women.

KO is smiling! A Statistical Fact KO Makes 69 Million People Happy at DEN.

KO makes Top 5 Halloween Icons 2022

A super horror book coming for KO and her teammate Carol Malone

Celebrity Sighting at Chiller Theatre Convention Kadrolsha and Quinton Aaron

Meet the Team KO is on FPI

Kadrolsha is in the Top 5 of Horror Women

Kadrolsha is in the Top 5 of Hollywood Radio / Podcast shows

Kadrolsha Ona Carole is The Best!

Kadrolsha Ona Carole Donates Television Production Equipment to Minority Nonprofits

Kadrolsha is Selected as a Spokeswoman for Veterans Green Coffee. Please click the link below to access the story.

Spreading the energy of love world-wide!
Her star shines bright.
I am happy people love my programs on airport TV
I am thrilled to be included!

Don’s Horror World Women of Horror Month. Featuring Kadrolsha Ona Carole.


Press Releases from ES News and Paranormal 13 News

I am speechless!
I made the cover of Hollywood Entertainment News! 7/3/20


KO is on page 38 of The Spotted Cat Magazine

Press Release World Star PR Kadrolsha Ona Carole Guests On The Mike Wagner Show on iHeart Radio 7/3/20

Los Angeles Weekly Times COVER! Kadrolsha Ona Carole Guests On The Mike Wagner Show on iHeart Radio 7/3/20

Press Release ES NEWS Kadrolsha Ona Carole Donates Television Production Equipment to Minority Nonprofits

Press Release ES NEWS Kadrolsha Ona Carole The Face of Airport Television Streaming Services

Press Release ES NEWS for Media mae: KO Conquers Global Telecommunication Screens

Press Release P13N The First, True Real-life Superhero In Comic Book History!

Press Release ES NEWS for The Face of Airport Television Services:

Press Release P13N for Getting to know The Mega Talented KO:

The Los Angeles Weekly Times: Celebrity Kadrolsha Ona Carole – Helping Others Balancing Superhero & Acting Stardom

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