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Personal Message From Kadrolsha


Get a personal greeting from The Queen of the Paranormal (R) Kadrolsha Ona Carole.

Holiday, birthday, special occasion, or a few special words to you or a person you choose.

KO will video your message and email it back to you within 48 hours.



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KO is proficient in all aspects of the paranormal including spells. Have Ko send a spell of love, matchmaking relationship problems. You get the idea.

Spells are temporary and not scary just fun. KO never hurts anyone with a spell. It is not in her nature.

After your purchase email KO with your spell request.

Spells are temporary and not scary.

Due to the fact, KO gives a percentage of all sales to helping others, there are no refunds.

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SOLD OUT! Scary Paranormal Movie



Scary Paranormal Movie is about the real-life events that Kadrolsha Ona Carole has appeared in or held. Of course, there is a little twisting going on as well.

This is a funny short short movie. If you like cheesy movies then this movie is for you.

A portion of the process will go to helping animals in need and personal healing thru KO’s travel fund.

Learn more about KO’s travel fund. Click here

Scary Paranormal Movie comes autographed by Kadrolsha Ona Carole

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SOLD OUT! “Dean is Sad” Life’s Lesson Book 1



“Dean is Sad” is part of a series of books called Life’s Lessons.

“Dean is Sad” was written as a life lesson for the young to be able to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Book 1 “Dean is Sad deals with misunderstanding rejection from another child.

This book has a positive outcome and after my grandson, Dean read it he changed his outlook to include others.

The cover artwork was drawn by award-winning Bill Diamond. The inside page artwork is basic to get the point across.

“Dean is Sad” comes autographed by Kadrolsha Ona Carole



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“The Haunting Tales of Batcheldor’s Grove.” Book 2


“The Haunted Tales of Batchelder’s Grove.” This one is the 2nd comic book in a series of 6. Collector’s item supplies are limited!

All we can say is this one is a total winner. Fabulous writing and artwork. The story has you on the edge of your seat. Comes Autographed.

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Donate to KO so she can travel helping others and pets.


KO needs our help. She travels helping others, including animals. It would be wonderful if you could donate to her helping others/pet fund. She is asking for $5 donations. If you would like to donate more than $5 you can send her the amount you would like to send her via PayPal to:

After you donate your first name will be placed on the KO’s Travel Fund Page. If you would like to sponsor KO with a hotel room during her travels: Email her at Kadrolshona@yahoo.com and she will discuss it with you.

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Hard Copy: Kadrolsha’s History Making Comic Book Debut “The Haunting Tales of Batcheldor’s Grove.” Book 1


Hard Copy: of Kadrolsha’s history-making comic book debut, “The Haunted Tales of Batchelder’s Grove.” Collector’s item supplies are limited!

This is the comic book that gave Kadrolsha Ona Carole her Iconic comic book status. Kadrolsha Ona Carole (KO) has made comic book history by becoming the first person to be a comic book Super Hero doing what she does in real life. Comes Autographed.

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Hard Copy: Celebrity Ghost Hunters


Hard Copy of Celebrity Ghost Hunters comic book is based on a real ghost hunt that went viral. Kadrolsha along with her celebrity friends Jimmy Star, Ron Russell, and Eileen Shapiro went of a ghost hunt and the craziest things happened. This is real and funny and scary. You will love it. It comes autographed by Kadrolsha.

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