National Paranormal Day May 3rd is a day for paranormal enthusiast from all over the globe celebrate the paranormal in all genres.

A proclamation is a formal public statement. A major statement made in front of an audience or the authoritative word on some subject is a proclamation.

National Paranormal Day is on May 3rd. It has been around for a few years. The origin unknown. I thank the individual for his / her thoughtfulness. After researching this fascinating Day I came to notice that it did not include all Nations, all Genres, all People. In fact it seemed to point to only people from the United States. The Paranormal all genres has global implications and should be celebrated by all Nations not just one. Further in my research I discovered the National Paranormal Day barely had any credence or legitimacy and was waning.This was a sad fact to discover. That is why I am made a Declaration Proclamation for National Paranormal Day. I expanded the original concept and broaden it to include all Nations, all Genres, all People and have dedicated to everyone that is a paranormal enthusiast. My Declaration Proclaim brings legitimacy, credence a breathes a new life into National Paranormal Day for everyone world wide to celebrate the unknown.Live broadcast of the Declaration Proclamation was conducted and uploaded to Galaxy Global Television Network and all of its global broadcast partners for world wide distribution on June 26th, 2019.A copy of the Live broadcast will be available soon for your enjoyment.

I want you to enjoy all of the National Paranormal Day sites and especially I want you to celebrate our Paranormal Industry on a global bases!

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Enjoy and spread the word!

Thank you, KO

Declaration / Proclamation on National Paranormal Day

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