Kadrolsha Ona will be appearing at Cil-Con Sept 6 & 7th at the Cross Country Mall, Mattroon, ILL

This is a free event and very family friendly. come out and see the stars! for more information.

Winner Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque, New Mexico

This straight from the article in the patch referring to Tag Team Friendship Productions LLC. I added the tags. I am proud to be one of the Executive Producers of “Silent times” “He (Christopher Annino) started and LLC with his sister Nikki Moccia and Kadrolsha Ona Carole called Team Friendship Productions LLC. The company has become very successful winning many […]

October 13-14th 2018 Supermegafest


October  13-14th Supermegafest Sheraton Framingham, 1657 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA . Kadrolsha Ona Carole is the Queen of the Paranormal with over 38 years experience in the field of the paranormal. She is the real deal. Kadrolsha Ona is a part of motion Picture History with her contribution to the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Exorcist. […]

October 6-7th 2018 Vermont Horror Con

5th Annual Vermont Comic Con

October 6-7th Vermont Horror Con Barre Civic Center, Barre, Vermont   Kadrolsha “The World’s Greatest Ghost Buster / Healer” She is the Face of the Paranormal Deemed by her loving fans world wide.        Her blessings set the spirits free. Her healings heal the soul of mankind. While at Kadrolsha’s appearances You’ve got to attend her panel […]