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Paranormal 13 News is the first paranormal news (P13N) show of its kind. It’s the first not for profit paranormal show. All others come in 2nd 3rd and 4th! The BEST is always 1st! It was created to bring you the best paranormal news in all genres from around the globe and research. Kadrolsha Ona Carole P13N’s Executive Producer/host is dedicated to the empowerment of people.​The show is light-hearted and educational. A perfect blend of news and fun. Kadrolsha is an expert in the field of the paranormal. She brings you decades of experience. Paranormal 13 News is very excited to announce Paranormal 13 News Special Reports on the Galaxy Global Television Network and the ParaEggNetwork ParaEgg is a BRAND NEW Television & Radio Network brought to you by Kadrolsha Ona (KO) Productions support by Galaxy Global Television Network and Hot Rock TV.  On ParaEgg you will find the best in paranormal TV & radio programming from around the world.  As we grow more programs will be added for your paranormal fix.

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