Each event Kadrolsha has held since 2005 have been sold out, or filled to capacity! She took 2 years off to travel the globe and educated others to the wonder filled world of the paranormal. Now she is back, due to popular demand, to hold a few more super special scary events. When you see that tickets are available for any of her shows – GET ONE. They will sell out; They always do.

Kadrolsha’s event are the best of the best. She’ll even cook for you! You will never be shuttled around like cattle, the way you may be at other paranormal events. You can rest assured that the ticket price is reasonable, and if for some reason you do not have the funds, KO will work with you to come up with a reasonable price you can afford. A percentage of all her event profits goes to buying food or giving funds to food pantries and animal shelters, as well as personal charites.

Check out her events! You will be glad you did!