It’s Official!

Kadrolsha Ona will be introducing, along with Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc., a brand new HOT paranormal comic book!

It’s about KO’s real life Super Hero adventures as the “Queen of the Paranormal” (TM). Expected to be released soon, pre-orders are available, but limited!

Each copy comes autographed, $20.

Let’s Go Shopping!

“Ghosts and Legends of The Merrimack Valley”
Comes Autographed. $20.

Love the seacoast? Love ghosts? “Ghosts of the New Hampshire Seacoast”
Comes autographed. $15

Energy Readings, dowsing rod session, or a 3 card transparant tarot card reading by Kadrolsha
Phone or Skype. Pay first, then KO will get back to yo uwith booking times available.
$30 for 15 minutes

FREE Personal Healing by Kadrolsha are FREE. Email KO with your healing request. All she asks is, if the healing was successful, please keep her updated.

Kadrolsha’s history making comic book debut, “The Haunted Tales of Batchelder’s Grove.” Collectors item, supplies are limited! Comes autographed. $20

ALIVE pure perfume. Created to unleash mystical powers of clairvoyance, sexuality, and intuitiveness. 20oz roll on. $15


Xtra powerful formula. Created by the Queen of the Paranormal. Used to calm areas down, cleanse, protect, & to communicate with the spirits. Not made with oil, made from organic white sage. 2oz $10

Xtra powerful formula. Created by the Queen of the Paranormal. To rid areas of negative energy. Non staining. Not made with oils. KO & Lulu made at home. 2oz $10


Karen: I can not live without KO’s White Sage Spray. I live in a haunted house and my relatives are alaways arguing . sicne using KO’s White Sage Spray my home is calm and peaceful. No more arguing and not more bumps in the night.

Tom: I bought your dowsing rods at an event you held. They WORK. I was able to contact the spirit of my grandmother. You need to sell them on your website.

Ian: I heard you were the real deal. I did not beleive it. I went to one of your events. Now I am a believer. You are a no joke common sense person. You are highly intelligent and should get more credit then you do. I have made it my personal quest to promote you.

Ellen: I ordered the ALIVE perfume. Ordered it becasue it smelled good on you. Saw you at Chiller Theatre in NJ. I thought it smelled nice and ordered it on line when I got home cause it was sold out at your table. It not only smells nice, but the power in the scent works. I am an average looking woman, but. I don’t attract men like other women do. After wearing ALIVE for one day. I had the door opened for me at the post office. Men smiled at me and said hello. This is mind blowing. By the way I just ordered a case of it so I don’t run out.