Kadrolsha Ona Carole – Queen of the Paranormal

Kadrolsha Ona Carole (KO) Queen of The Paranormal (TM)

Kadrolsha Ona Carole has made comic book history by becoming the first person to be a comic book Super Hero doing what she does in real life. Comic historian Brian Morris plus Comic book publication owner Charles Moisant of Silver Phoenix Entertainment all confirm Kadrolsha Ona Carole is the first in comic book history to be a comic book Super Hero doing what she does in real life. Given this fact she has brought the paranormal industry mainstream with her character. She is the real deal of Comic Book Super Heroes! Stories carried in The Huffington Post along with many many news media outlets.

Kadrolsha Ona Carole is part of Warner Brothers motion picture history with her contribution to the 40th Anniversary of The Exorcist DVD on Blue Ray.

She travels the globe representing the paranormal industry. Queen of The Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona is a Pop Culture Icon, Actress, Author, Radio, TV personally, Part of the Exorcist Legacy, Humanitarian & 9X Paranormal Awards Winner has made her mark with her vast expertise hunting with crew members of popular TV show such as Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunters International to name a few. She is considered one of the best in the paranormal field with over 40 years’ experience. She is the creator of the Paranormal Awards and most currently the creator and owner of the Paranormal Hall of Fame Organization. Kadrolsha stared as CC Carole in over 85 “CC The Huntress” Paranormal Adventure Episodes for Broadcast and Cablecast. Along with fast becoming a super star in Hollywood due to the recognition in a Gary Watson’s document publication to be released soon. Gary Watson is a celebrity historian of close to 50 years, KO played a pivotal cameo roll in Toxic Tutu. A movie continuation of Toxic Avenger. She is staring in “RTR” television series the life and times of Ronnie “The Rottweiler” Kerner infamous mobster. Kadrolsha is creator and host of the international Paranormal 13 News program on the Galaxy Global Network. Kadrolsha played the role of Madam Leonora a gypsy psychic in the movie ”Silent Times”. Whick has won many awards (see about KO page). She is the author of Ghosts and Legends of the Merrimack Valley for History Press’ Haunted America Series and Ghosts of the New Hampshire Seacoast. Kadrolsha travels the globe making appearances and sharing her vast paranormal knowledge. Kadrolsha Ona (CC) Carole wrote the legal language for Senate Bill S1622. Senator Mike Barrett sponsored the Bill making Rex Trailer The Cowboy of The Commonwealth” She is a Registered Usui Reiki Master, Practitioner.Teacher and a Registered licensed physician in Karuna Reiki Master, Practitioner Teacher. She is a Practitioner in the art of Universal Natural medicine and Spiritual healing,performing spiritual based and non spiritual based exorcisms.

Kadrolsha Ona was is Reserve Police Officer.

She has advanced multimedia, video production training, studio and host training ATT Broadband Studio Andover, MA & RTV Waltham, MA She is a co-producer of “Ghost Stories of New England” her work has been seen on FOX, WNDS, Comcast, Adelphia, and Metrocast and many other cable outlets both nationally and internationally.

Creator of The Everything Show. A program that highlights celebrity and business interviews now called ES News.

Creator of TQ Radio: A syndicated radio program designed for the unsigned artist.

Creator of Talent Quest and Community Talent Showcase: 1999-2004: A cable television program very similar to American Idol. Creator of Follow Your Dreams: A cable television program that highlighted inventions 1997-1999. Very similar to the popular national invention show.

For full bio see about KO

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