Repost from Hollywood Digest Magazine December 2, 2020 HD TEAM When looking for the top 10 most beautiful women in the world many would surmise that pop stars, movie stars, and music giants would automatically be on our list. We decided to circumvent that idea and grant this award to established women we felt notable […]

New York Weekly Times Editor’s Pick for Best Global Halloween Paranormal & Horror Personalities of 2020

WHEN IT COMES TO THE BEST THERE IS ONLY ONE. In the adult realm when you think of Halloween most think of ghosts, goblins, and bloody horror movies. Paranormal and Horror on Halloween are staples in homes across America and the world. Our search for the best brings you not the same old, same old […]

Chiller theatre

CHILLER THEATRE HAS BEEN POSTPONED until further noticeJoin KO for a fun-filled weekend! She will be appearing at Chiller Theatre, Hilton, Parsippany, NJ. June 5-7th. Chiller will be celebrating it’s 30th year!

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